Paul T. Gilbert

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Doing a "roll up" with Cass of the Sells-Floto Circus

Acting as the circus side show man, Barnum & Bailey

In a trapeze act with Mayme Ward of the Flying Wards, 1924

With Karoline Eddy in tight-wire act, 1926

Pretty man on the right, clown Arthur Borella on left, 1921

With D.W.Griffith (2nd from left) on location in Chicago for That Royle Girl, 1925

Wearing Napoleon's vest (actual vest, from the Chicago Historical Society)

Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks (back seat) in parade

Interviewing Eleanor Roosevelt in 1936

Fake Indian, smoking a peace pipe with two Omaha Indians, 1922

Exploring Chicago's underground in rainsuits, 1925

As jungle boy (front middle)—at the ultimate office party?

Studio photo from 1894,
age 18

Editors of Yale Courant, 1901

Early photo with trench coat

An early photo, the reporter at typewriter

Ilse Forster Gilbert with Paul, Jr., 1914

The family of three, 1915

Paul, Jr., Peter, Ilse and Paul in family portrait, ca. 1932

A later photograph,
newsman and typewriter

Reading a Bertram book, publicity photo