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"Singing before breakfast is a sign that you will probably weep before supper."

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from The Key to Culture, excerpts:

Every Day Omens.

If your right ear tingles, somebody is speaking kindly of you, but if it is the left ear, the words spoken are unkind. To discover who it is that speaks of you, call off the names of your acquaintances one by one. The name at which the sensation ceases is the one sought.

Should you be compelled to sneeze soon after hearing a piece of news, you may be assured that what you have been told is true.

A white spot on the thumb nail indicates a gift; on the forefinger, a friend; on the middle finger, a foe; on the ring finger, a lover who will soon arrive; on the little finger, a journey soon to be undertaken.

Should your nose itch early in the day, it is an indication that you will hear important news before sunset.

Washing the hands in the same water that another has washed in portends a quarrel between the two persons.

If a candle burns blue, it is a sign of the presence of a spirit in the house. The maid who sees rings in the candle's flame will soon be married.

If you involuntarily make a rhyme, that is a lucky omen. Before speaking again, make a wish, and the chances are that it will come true.

If crickets desert your fireside, it is a sign of impending death in the household.

It is a sign of good luck if you first see the new moon over your left shoulder, but of bad luck if you see it over your right. Should you have money in your pocket at the time of the new moon, you will be penniless before the moon is in the full.

Bees flying into the window are the forerunners of important news.

To drop your slice of bread buttered side down is an indication that a hungry visitor will soon arrive.

If a coal in the shape of a coffin should fly out of the fire toward you, it is a prediction that your death is near. Should the coal take the form of a purse, riches will be yours.

If you expect your garden to do well, you should plant the seeds on Good Friday. Babies weaned on this day will be happy and healthy. By breaking pottery on Good Friday, you will save your house from fire and flood for an entire year.

If, while eating, you should miss your mouth and the food should fall, you may regard this as an unlucky omen.

To avert ill-luck after you have turned back home for something you have forgotten, you must sit down for a moment before going out again.

Never shake hands with any one across the table, as it will bring you bad luck if you do.

For a young woman to pick up bread with her fork is an indication that her married life will be unhappy.

Never enter a house with your left foot first, as it is supposed to bring bad luck to the occupants.

If you would always have money in your purse, carry the dried tip of a calf's tongue in your pocket.

Owl's eggs placed in the cup of a drunkard will, according to an old superstition, cure him of the liquor habit.

To sneeze three times in rapid succession is considered by some a good omen.

It is regarded as unlucky to count one's warts, as that would make them increase in number. To charm away a wart, cut an apple in two, and rub it with one of the halves. Then tie the two halves together and bury them under a tree. Or you can sell the wart to someone for a pin.

The word "Bedooh" is a mystic one, and if inscribed on a ring will bring good luck.

It is a sure sign that your plans will meet with success if three bees alight upon you at the same time.

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