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The frequency of the offering of gifts such as books, fruit, flowers, writing stationery, and the number of calls and invitations to entertainments, automobile or carriage rides, etc., the recipient will accept is usually considered a fair indication as to the way his suit is regarded."

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from The Key to Culture:

Gifts Indicative of a Man's Regard.

Tributes as a token of a man's regard to a girl's charm usually take the forms of gifts. It is important that only appropriate gifts be tendered that a girl possessing real delicacy can properly accept. A natural impulse is to bestow gifts upon the object of his admiration. One's ardor in this direction oftentimes results in embarrassing situations, and generosity towards a young man's fancy should always be carefully weighed before being indulged in. Not until a young man is accepted as an affianced husband is he permitted to offer such gifts as jewelry, hair comb, gloves, scarf, silk hose or any gift of this sort.

Advice to Young Women.

Norah Bayes used to sing a song about how things have changed since mother was a girl. The days when girls didn't drive a car or go to parties unchaperoned or have a career or talk out in the open about sex hygiene or wear knickers.

Those are just the beginning of the changes, too. There used to be a whole dictionary full of don'ts for girls. The few that are left today are much the same as those for boys. Curiously enough, many of them resolve themselves down to apparently unimportant personal mannerisms and habits. But what a vast number of girls have lost jobs, without knowing it, just because they had unpleasant nasal voices!

"I can't endure a stenographer who sounds like a screech owl," an employer of hundreds of girls was once heard to say.

How many girls have ever thought of that? How many realize the value of a pleasant, well modulated voice? If some of these girls who are perpetually jabbering in a shrill, raucous voice ever took the pains to listen to themselves, how horrified they would be! Yet it is the most simple thing in the world to speak beautifully. People will notice it too, much sooner, and with far more delight, you may be certain, than if your eyebrows are plucked in the latest fashion.

Don'ts in Riding and Driving.

There are several don'ts about riding and driving that must be remembered. Don't touch a lady's horse unless she requires aid from you, but be prompt in giving it should assistance be needed. Don't endeavor to aid a lady driving a car by assisting in the manipulating of the car. Touching the steering wheel or grabbing the emergency brake will more frequently result in the lady driving becoming confused and flustered, and possibly encountering an accident, than by leaving the driving entirely in her hands while she is driving, even though at the approach of danger the chivalrous thing to do may seem to be to give what assistance one is able. Don't ride faster than the lady who is a companion on a riding expedition. A gentleman will never precede a lady in order to display his horsemanship; the pace which is most agreeable to her is the pace which should be followed. Don't put an arm across the back of a seat while driving; this "don't" applies to either sex. It is a display of impertinence or ignorance on the man's part and cannot be considered as anything but boldness or forwardness in a woman.

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