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"Burglars! This is a dream that goes by contraries, and implies that your business is secure."

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from The Key to Culture, excerpts:

What Dreams Forbode.

Ancestors. If an ancestor appears to you in your dream, you would do well to look to your religious duties.

Apple. To dream of eating apples implies that you will soon incur somebody's wrath. But if you dream of plucking apples from a tree and eating them, some pleasure is in store for you. This is considered a particularly lucky omen for women.

Barber. An unlucky omen. To have a barber shave you in your dream forebodes serious illness, accident, and loss of money.

Bats. Disaster, increasing according to the number of bats.

Beard. Success will attend you in your undertakings if you dream of having a large beard.

Blood. To dream of shedding blood is an unhealthy sign, and the dreamer probably will be subject to fits of nervous headache. Dreaming of blood in large quantities denotes sudden riches.

Bottle. A happy dream, unless it be a broken bottle, in which case the dream will be followed by a period of sadness.

Butter. You may expect a family quarrel if you dream of eating butter.

Cemetery. Another "contrary" dream, implying that success and wealth are near.

Chimes. A dream of chimes also goes by contraries, and is liable to be followed by unpleasantness and wrangling.

Clown. Some keen disappointment is in store for you when you dream of clowns.

Falling. A prognostication of trouble, vexations, and dishonor.

Fishing. Money, in proportion to the number of fish you catch.

Ghosts. Should a black-clad, horrible spectre visit you in your dreams, it is a warning that some unscrupulous person has designs on you. If the ghost be a friendly one, recognized as the spirit of a departed friend, your horizon will soon become more roseate.

Hat. Disgrace will come upon him who dreams of wearing an old or battered hat. To dream of wearing a new hat is a prophecy of wealth and happiness to come.

Kiss. If on the lips, some rather rash venture on your part will lead to success.

Leaves. A dream of falling leaves forebodes a serious illness.

Pond. Appreciation of your efforts and the loyalty of your friends, if the waters be translucid; if clouded, look out for treachery.

Roses. A favorable omen if you have been leading a good life; otherwise, not. A dream of white roses, however, sometimes forebodes sorrow.

Teeth. To dream of having white and even teeth betokens good health, luck, and new friendships. But beware of domestic discord and embarrassments if you dream of having your mouth crowded with teeth. To dream of a loose tooth forebodes the serious illness of a friend.

Violin. To dream of playing a violin often is a sign of an approaching funeral. It is a happier omen if you seem to be playing the instrument before an audience, and indicates that your sorrows will be healed.

Whale. This is a token of approaching danger.

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