Paul T. Gilbert

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the stories: Snake CharmerArthur Borella, ClownThe Flying WardsReporter in TightsElephant TrainerTight WireDress Rehearsal

with karoline eddy on tight wire

Mrs. Eddy—she's the pretty girl in the picture with me, and a recent bride—was waiting for me as I emerged from the dressing rooms...

The horses, the camels and the elephants—caparisoned in gold—were grouped in the entrance, ready for the "spec," and the band was playing "Sobre las Olas" as we made our way, daintily, as star performers should, toward the center ring, where a silver wire had been stretched between two pedestals.

Karoline shed the "slop shoes" she had been wearing, divested herself of her bathrobe, and skipped nimbly up the tiny flight of stairs. She had a Japanese parasol, which she unfolded as she danced out on the silver strand.

"Come on," she said, holding out her hand... (read the whole article)

photo: Gilbert and Eddy in their death-defying tight-wire feat at the Sells-Floto circus. Eddy, with her husband, Phil, has just returned from a tour of China, Japan, the Philippines and Australia. It is quite simple, according to Karoline, so long as you adjust your balance above the hips and know what to do with that Japanese umbrella.