Paul T. Gilbert

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the stories: Snake CharmerArthur Borella, ClownThe Flying WardsReporter in TightsElephant TrainerTight WireDress Rehearsal

entering on 'rosin-back'

Joe Hodgini, equestrian director of the Sells-Floto shows at the Coliseum, placed a snowy steed at my disposal, and said I could ride out with the act...

"In pink tights and spangles?" I asked him.

The equestrian director, who was applying clown-white to his face, laughed.

"Where did you ever get the notion of pink tights and spangles?" he demanded. "I doubt if there's a pair of pink tights in the outfit, unless one of the aerialists has a pair. Don't you know those things aren't worn in the equestrian acts any more? It's all character stuff now—you go on as an English dude, a clown, a cowboy, or an Indian. Maybe Hodson over there can let you have an Indian outfit.

My face fell. "But," I stammered, "I thought everybody in the circus wore pink tights."

Mr. Hodson, who was making up as an Indian, glanced up curiously from the pages of the Texas oil paper he was reading.

"Maybe I can help him out," suggested Harry la Pearl, the clown. "Seems to me I used to have an old pair of tights down here in this trunk some place. I can find almost anything if I dig down deep enough..." (read the whole article)