Paul T. Gilbert

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mayme ward, aerial artist

The big life net had been rigged up, and the tiny swinging ladders had been let down from the lofty platform. The band was tuning up. A group of cowboys were practicing with a lariat, and a girl was riding a white horse around the ring...

Mrs. Mayme Ward gave me a look of admiration. "Why, you look just splendid in tights!" she exclaimed.

"Thanks," I said, "only I hope they don't bust."

It looks easy enough to scramble up that little ladder, but if you think it's anything like ascending a step-ladder, you're mistaken. The first few rungs you have to take hand over hand, and I was glad when finally I could get a foothold.

Up I went, feeling like a spider, until I found myself under the steel girders of the Coliseum. Erma Ward, the little red-headed girl who does 101 aerial somersaults, or "one-arm rollup," was on the platform waiting for me. It was not a steady platform, and it was not particularly wide.

The big brown net stretching below seemed ever so far off. I began to wish I was back on terra firma... (read the whole article)

photo: Mayme Ward, the only woman ever to accomplish a double aerial somersault to a "hand-to-hand" catch, tries a move called a "crab" (also called "bird's nest") with a 46-year-old Paul Gilbert.