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"A few drops of ammonia in one's bath are preferable to perfume and bath salts for eliminating unpleasant odors of perspirations which may cling to the body."

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from The Key to Culture:

Beauty is Nature's Greatest Gift.

If those possessing real beauty would only fully appreciate their treasure and give the same care to the preservation of it that they bestow on the care of a beautiful gown or a handsome fur coat, how many heartaches would be avoided by averting the catastrophe of the loss of love of their sweetheart or husband. One can scarcely afford to feel that their beauty is an individual possession to do with as they please, but on the contrary must feel that it is a possession to be shared with their husband, the same as her husband's fortune is shared with her, and the same care of her beauty should be exercised as her husband is bound to exercise in the preservation of his riches. A woman usually can only carry to her husband her beauty, love and devotion; whereas, he not only responds equally in contributing his devotion and love, but, in addition, lays his fortune at her feet...

Toilet Requisites.

Toilet requisites, as manufactured at the present time, are not simply greases, as possibly may have been the case a number of years ago—and possibly are responsible for the odium toilet preparations were held in by the past generation—but have been developed as the result of much study and experiment along technical lines...

Bust Development.

One need not lay stress on the advantages of proper bust development, as every woman fully appreciates the important part they play in winning admiration. A healthy figure, with all parts fully developed, should be the desire of every normally-minded girl or woman. Respiratory exercises are absolutely essential to attain the desired results. Deep, slow breathing, expanding the chest as much as possible in inspiration and the expulsion of the breath with as little force as possible, slowly, three to ten times a day, will show wonderful results with the aid of a vibrator. Apply a cream skin food, gently massaging with fingers, before applying applicator, slapping gently all around the breasts, but do not slap the breasts. Follow with the special bust applicator (found in practically every vibratory set with special directions as to its use), using short strokes, one minute on each breast, once daily. It's surprising the marked effect a treatment of this kind will show in a very short time, not only resulting in enlarging the breasts, but developing them into firm tissue.

The Shampoo.

Except in cases where the hair has a tendency to excessive oil, the author does not recommend shampooing more than once in three to four weeks. The hair that is shampooed too frequently loses its character. The Liquid Green Soap will be found highly satisfactory for shampooing, whether the shampooing is done with the fingers or an applicator of an electric vibrator, by the woman who experiences difficulty in dressing her hair after shampooing...After the shampoo the scalp should be completely dried by vigorous rubbing. The hair will dry more quickly if vigorously rubbed and the rubbing will promote the hair's growth. If the hair is thin, a hair tonic may be rubbed into the scalp with beneficial results.

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